My Waldorf Day: a Dream Come True!

I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the Waldorf education world. It was such a peaceful, lovely day! When I was a young mom, meaning my oldest child was 4, I investigated different educational philosophies. I fell in love with the Waldorf education model, which was developed by Rudolf Steiner. I started out using the Oak Meadow curriculum, which is Waldorf-inspired homeschooling guides.

I didn’t know anybody else doing Waldorf, so I fell off the bandwagon. It seems like something that is best done with a culture around you doing it as well.  I kept on with homeschooling, and that boy who inspired my search is now on a mission for the LDS Church. I am still homeschooling his younger siblings, and I recently got reinspired to do some Waldorf stuff with them. I am so excited to find out that Waldorf education is a blossoming movement here in Utah.

By the hand of Providence, I met someone in charge of the Utah Waldorf Conference last month and she invited me to the conference that was held last week. We had so many connections, mutual interests and friends, it was fascinating. When I got to the conference, the atmosphere was so incredibly peaceful and loving when I walked into that room. The two presenters just exuded love. I had so much fun trying my hand at all those Waldorf crafts I had read about years ago: wet on wet watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, and using block crayons. This was a dream come true! Thank you Krystelle for inviting me!

Last year, Melisa Nielsen, a homeschool Waldorf Curriculum writer, moved to Utah. She has many great podcasts, curriculum by grade, a Waldorf homeschool training course, and other great information on her website at:

Other Waldorf homeschooling curriculum can be found at:
Live Education!

Some videos on Waldorf Education:

f you’d like more information about the Cottage Schools and the Utah Waldorf movement, join the Utah-Waldorf Facebook group! See you there!

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