Mom Brings Baby Back to Life When the Doctor Couldn’t

This picture is of me with my youngest baby, under the blanket, nursing for the first time, minutes after his birth. I love to hear birth stories! One of these days I will put my birth stories up on this web site. I just read this beautiful story of a mom who gave birth to twins and was told by the doctor that one of them didn’t make it. This mom refused to accept that. She started stroking the baby, talking to him, and cuddling him skin-to-skin, also known as “kangaroo care.” She expressed some of her colostrum and fed it to him on her finger. Miraculously the baby came to life! He had been dead for two hours! Such is the power we have moms! Sometimes, it’s true, we can’t change things, even sad things like death, but sometimes we are told in our heart by God not to listen to authorities and trust in the power of our motherly abilities to pull a child from either literal or figurative death. Never forget that moms! You go, girls!

The story is here.

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