Giveaway of Mothers Who Know Registration for June

I am giving away one registration to the June session of my Mothers Who Know Class. It starts Wed. June 26th, at 1 PM over the phone! This morning at my Hebrew alphabet hike we were talking about Sister Julie Beck’s talk that she gave a  few years ago called The Lioness at the Gate. Here is the talk she gave at the BYU Women’s Conference, but I heard that that version is not as good as the one she gave at the regional conference. You can read a summary of it here. That talk is what this Mothers Who Know class is all about. Which makes sense, since Sister Beck also wrote the talk that popularized the phrase “mothers who know.” Being a lioness at the gate, or a mother who knows, takes commitment and training. You can get more of these things from our class. So if you have been wanting to join the class, enter the giveaway below! Winner will be announced on Monday June 24th around 5 PM! The details of the class are right over here

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