Heaven for a Day: Barefoot Day in the Grass With My Veggie Gals



This group of gals provides the environment that I wish every woman could have! We can talk about anything and feel loved. Here we are last week at our what-used-to-be-monthly-but-isn’t-now gathering. Some of us have known each other for over 15 years. We have cried with each other, supported each other, and watched each other grow through trials of motherhood and wifehood. It started through some of us meeting through La Leche League. We started meeting for dinner or lunch because one of us didn’t want to meet at a restaurant because she wanted to avoid any evil ingredients a restaurant might serve. So in the true spirit of DIY and Mormon self-reliance, we do potluck. We called our group “Veggie Gals” because we wanted to eat healthy whole foods, which generally means eating more vegetables.


Our hostess, Miss J, lovely, talented mother of nine, had everything ready for when we arrived. She has always been the hostess with the mostest! She has the most incredible backyard with a zip line that the kids have always loved playing on.




One of us is suffering from Parkinson’s disease so we learned what she is doing to heal from that. It was very interesting to hear her story. I don’t agree with her that all bacteria are bad and cause disease. I have read different writings that say that good bacteria is needed in the gut to be healthy, namely probiotics.
I am interested, however, in learning more about her point of view. Two of us are moving to Japan and Oregon, so this was a rare moment in time to have us all together. Two of us are grandmothers now which is very strange as we started meeting when we had babies and toddlers.


Here’s “Grandma B” (she’s the same age as I am!) with her new grandbaby and Miss S, totally laughing it up!



Miss R brought the prettiest dessert that is also good for you with a secret ingredient.


Thanks ladies for the lovely day! I wish we could live on the same street!



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