Free Conference Call for Birth Professionals

This is a message from my friend Jennetta of the Association for Wise Childbearing:
3 Keys to Cultivating the
Prosperous Birth Professional

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013    
2:00-3:00 PM Pacific
Cost: FREE

In this presentation, you will learn how you can blast through mindsets that are limiting your birth business and replace them with a mindset that will foster prosperity.

 Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Birth Visionary and Mentor

Most midwives, doulas and birth arts practitioners love what they do, but are frustrated to be functioning in an old paradigm of birth or ‘birth hell’ that doesn’t value what they do. Add to that feeling burnt out and earning less than they are worth and it’s no wonder many leave the profession. They just don’t have the training and skills to navigate this negative birth landscape, honor themselves, honor their clients and manifest ‘birth heaven’.

Once they learn the powerful spiritual tools, the excellent self-care philosophy and practical business concepts, ideas and proven techniques they are better able to navigate the birth world in a way that they can create satisfying, purposeful and prosperous lives.


You will learn:

• The #1 thing a new doula should never do

• How to foster the mindset of the ‘birthpreneur’

• How to talk to clients about money with ease


About Stephanie Dawn:

Sacred Birth Visionary and Mentor, Stephanie Dawn is a thought leader for the creation of a new paradigm of birth. She is the founder of Sacred Birth Work and the Sacred Birth Mentor Program, which focuses on spiritual principles, personal responsibility, excellent self-care and financial and business know-how and wellness.

When she started out, she had a passionate hobby and dreamed of a new world for women, babies and families. Fortunately, she figured out how to take her passion to restore the sanctity of birth online and reach birthpreneurs internationally, supporting them to transform their lives, earning more than they ever thought possible, all while serving their clients doing what they love.


What People Say:

“As a Nurse Midwifery Student, I found the Sacred Birth Mentor Program to be deeply grounding at a time when the demands on my time and mental energy have never been higher. The practices and principles shared by Stephanie have helped me craft a more specific vision for my future expression not only as a midwife, but also as a wellrounded, self-loving human being.”

Erin Graham, Atlanta, Georgia

“Stephanie helped me to create quantum leaps for the growth of my business. She gracefully combines practical business advice with timeless spiritual principles.”

Carolyn Vasquez, Birth Doula, New Jersey

“Stephanie gives you the tools you need to succeed. There were more “ah-ha” moments during this program than in the majority of my adult life.”

Alyssa Fritts, Doula and Prenatal/Postpartum Chef Jacksonville, NC

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