Hebrew Alphabet Hiking Class

Yesterday I got to sleep in, the first Friday I’ve been able to do so in a while, because my Hebrew hiking class ended last week. My friend Katie taught the class and she designed it too. For seven weeks, starting in May, we would meet every Friday morning at 7:30 AM at a trailhead. Sometimes I went alone, sometimes I brought some of my children, one time I brought them all. The class was for me and my scholar children, the little ones just played. Every week she would teach us three Hebrew alphabet letters. For every letter she had a color associated with it, along with some keywords, the ancient pictograph of the letter, a story from the Bible, a number, a musical chord, and an essential oil. After we talked about the letter and took notes from her lecture, we would hike up a mountain and look for things in nature that reflected the letter or the symbolism. Then we would move on to the next letter.

I feel like I just barely scratched the surface. This class helped me get more in touch with poetry and nature and God and the wondrous gift of language. There’s so much more to know! We had this book to study from on our own. The cover shows all 22 letters of the alphabet. So three letters a week times seven, with four letters the last week.

Here some pictures I took from the hikes. You might be wondering why I took the class. It’s because Hebrew has many connections to my faith as a Latter-day Saint. The Book of Mormon says this about the Hebrew language in Mormon 9:33:

And if our plates had been sufficiently large we should have written in Hebrew; but the Hebrew hath been altered by us also; and if we could have written in Hebrew, behold, ye would have had no 

imperfection in our record.

Sounds like Hebrew must be a perfect language! I want to take the class again and study the material more! I think it’s cool that Joseph Smith had a class in his school of the prophets to learn about Hebrew from a man named James/Joshua Sexias. Here’s the Hebrew grammar book they used.

This class totally broadened my vision. I loved discovering all these trails I didn’t know about after living here for over 8 years. Thank you Katie for such an inspiring environment for connecting with God!

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