How to Homeschool a Teenager

I am so excited! Just as excited as these youth in the picture! LEMI Training is next week in Salt Lake City. If any of you have wondered how to homeschool a teenager, LEMI is the answer. LEMI stands for Leadership Education Mentoring Institute. It was founded by my friends Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne. It trains ordinary moms and dads on how to mentor youth in studying “scholar projects,” which involve classics in history, government, math, science, and Shakespeare’s plays. If you want to homeschool a teenager, then it’s vital to provide them with an environment where they can have friends who are studying the classics as well. They see other people studying hard and that motivates them to study hard too. LEMI teaches you how to teach these classes in a commonwealth school setting. The commonwealth school setting helps them find a “tribe” where they can fit in somewhere beyond their family, where they know people value hard work, studying the classics, and morals. It used to be the case that you could find this at your church congregation or high school, but that’s not always the case now.

Note: If you want to learn how to set up a commonwealth, then please get in touch with Brenda over at New Commonwealth Schools. Don’t be fooled by people who say they have a “commonwealth school” when they really have a mom school or a co-op. There’s a difference! A New Commonwealth School is set up to last forever even when the current leaders fall away or die or move on because their kids get older. The vision of a New Commonwealth School is much broader and longer and deeper than any mom school.

You can attend the Thursday portion of the LEMI training for free. It’s in downtown Salt Lake at the public library on 500 south on July 11 from 9 AM to 1 PM. Go to this page here here and scroll down the page to get to the part about the “LEMI Philosophy How to Mentor Your Teen.”

LEMI is adding training in two new scholar projects this year. One of them is the Edison Project, which is the self-directed scholar phase project. This is the level of scholar phase before youth go off to college. My daughter took this class the past two years and it was perfect for her. If you have ever felt that homeschooled youth get lost in their older teen years, this is the perfect class for you to learn about. Click here to listen to a free download about the project and then go over to this page again, looking on the right hand side to register for the training for the Edison Project.

A few years ago my daughter went on a retreat for the self-directed scholar phasers she was involved with. Here is my blog post about it.

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