Just Because I Bought It at The Health Food Store, Does That Make It Healthy? Interview with Sarah Pope

Is there more to great, vibrant health than buying whatever “health foods” appeal to you at the health foods store with their colorful packages and labels that tout “organic,” and “natural” and “zero fat”?

There certainly is. And by “great, vibrant health” I mean more than just being able to get through your day as a mobile person. By great vibrant health I mean, being able to play with your kids with whatever they want to do, be it hiking, playing football, swimming, or just going for a walk. I mean being free of cavities. I mean having no pain or fatigue or yawning half a dozen times a day. I mean feeling like you can conquer the world. If you are ready to take your health up several notches, so that you can safely navigate shopping at your local health foods store and not get sucked in to buying products that don’t really contribute to your health, I recommend you start with this book, Get Your Fats Straight by my favorite blogger, Sarah Pope.

I finished this book recently and give it five stars! If this was the only book you could read to get your head cleared out of the misinformation about what healthy eating is, this would be it.

The author just did an interview about how to raise healthy children. Click here to listen and get more educated about raising healthy children.

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