Recap of Moms’ Retreat 2013

This picture perfectly captures the joy I felt at this year’s Moms’ Retreat last weekend! I encourage you to all come next year! This year we had Carol Tuttle come. She is shown above on the right, with four moms sitting, one representing each of the 4 energy types that Carol describes in her book It’s Just My Nature. Melanie, the founder of the Moms’ Retreat, is standing in the back. Carol had just said something funny that got everyone laughing. You can go to her site and sign up for her free course of Dressing Your Truth here.

the four moms pictured above have all taken the course and shared about how it changed their lives. It was fun to hear them relate how knowing the energy types has helped them to be better mothers.

Here are some pictures and ramblings about what happened at the Retreat. Thank you to Melanie, Kelli, Tammi and the board and their husbands for providing such a beautiful time.

My friend Katie was my co-Cabin Mother. Our role as Cabin Mothers was to provide a warm, nurturing place to help the moms feel love and belonging. Katie had this great welcoming activity using word cards and journal writing. She asked us to each pick a word card and write about it how that word resonated with us, and then we shared. It was a great ice-breaker! She brought everything we needed to do this, even notebooks in case somebody forgot.

Katie is on the left. She also brought the flag banner for the moms to put pictures of their family on. She is so awesome. She and I have many common interests, including a love for homeschooling, natural mothering, and the Hebrew language. Her son and my son are best friends so we had a lot to talk about on the trip up and back and as we set up the cabin. Thank you Katie for being so creative and doing the more creative parts of the Cabin Mother job.

Here are the moms that were in my cabin. They were each so kind, gracious, and lovely! Thank you ladies for such a wonderful time!

True to her nature of Type 3, Carol admitted that she didn’t think of all the details and she forgot her cash box to sell her books. So all the books were only $10, instead of $24.95. I bought The Child Whisperer. I know it will help me be a better mom. i started reading it and enjoy it already!

I got my book autographed!

That cheesecake looked pretty and yummy…but I stayed true to my Girl Goal of no sugar! Thanks to drinking my coconut milk I felt too full to even want to eat it.

Katie brought her guitar so we had some lullabies before we went to sleep.

Kenneth Cope shared the following story from Beth Moore. She testified of how God works in our lives personally. God spoke to her telling her an old man sitting by her in an airport needed his hair brushed. This was a very sweet story that made us all cry. I hope we can all be instruments of God to bring about His will. That is what this Moms’  Retreat is all about. Thank you Kenneth! God does know each of us and He knows what he needs. We can hear His voice and give each other what we need, creating Zion in the process.

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