Big Families Produce Healthier People

Hooray for big families! Here’s something you won’t hear from the typical mainstream media about how to be more healthy. It’s not, drink less alcohol, don’t go drunk driving, say no to drugs, get vaccinated, eat less cholesterol, read Deepak Chopra, go meditate, or even to recycle…, it’s (drumroll, please….):

have a big family!

Yes folks, for the whole story we turn to the great organization, Family Watch International.

FWI recently shared this earth-shattering news in the most recent newsletter, with two news stories, one from Germany, one from Canada.

Here is the word from their latest newsletter, written by president  Sharon Slater:

This past week two interesting articles highlighting new statistics and studies on family structure came out; one from the World Congress of Families regarding the health benefits of large families and the other on the front page of the New York Times about the serious problems Germany is facing due to shrinking families.

I come from a family of 14 children.  My mom bore nine children, and then my parents adopted five more as teenagers.  My parents now have over 72 grandchildren (at last count).  They also took in many foster children—mostly teenagers.

My husband Greg and I have seven children, three which we adopted from Mozambique as has been reported before in the Family Watch.  No grandchildren yet, but we are looking forward to that phase with great eagerness.

I guess you could say we have done our part in multiplying and replenishing the earth.

So would social science data tell us this is a good thing or a bad thing?  Are we a drain on the economy and the world’s resources?

According to the New York Times article, Germany Fights Population Drop, Germany’s most recent census shows that they have lost 1.5 million inhabitants and that “by 2060, experts say, the country could shrink by an additional 19 percent, to about 66 million.

Germany is a stark example of what is happening across Europe where fertility rates have significantly declined.  The article explains that this problem “has frightening implications for the economy and the psyche of the Continent.”  It then highlights a city where many houses remain vacant and unsold, schools are being shut down, and one mayor has already “supervised the demolition of 60 houses and 12 apartment blocs.”

In short, Germany is heading toward economic and social disaster unless they can get women to bear more children or more immigrants to come in and fuel their economies.  They have been failing on both accounts.

Yet at the UN conferences we participate in, Germany, along with other aging and shrinking European countries aggressively pressures developing countries into drastically limiting their populations and to make abortion an international right for women.

The New York Times article also presents this bleak statement, “Demographers say a similar future awaits other European countries, and the issue grows more pressing every day as Europe’s seemingly endless economic troubles accelerate the decline. But bogged down with failed banks and dwindling budgets, few are in any position to do anything about it.”

If the authors of the New York Times article were less politically correct they might have come right out and said that larger families are the solution to much of Europe’s problems.

On the other hand, the World Congress of Families, in their Natural Family News and Research publication, Thursday, August 15, 2013 highlighted new research from Canada showing some of the benefits of larger families, not to the economy, but for health.  The Canadian researchers, “not only confirmed that children are healthier when living with both parents but also established that these children are usually freer from illness when living in a home with a large number of siblings.”  The newsletter also highlighted another study showing that children with more siblings are less likely to divorce as adults.

Pro-family Europeans are working hard to reverse the negative trend of shrinking families in Europe.  I  am honored to have been asked to speak in September at a conference in Hungary sponsored by The National Association of Large Families (Hungary), which is organizing the General Assembly meeting of the European Large Families Confederation in 2013.

I am excited to participate in this important event to support the pro-family movement in Europe. 

I am also honored that we have been invited to screen our documentary, “Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda,” at the upcoming, first ever Black Conservatives Summit to be held in St. Charles, Illinois Sept 29-31.  The main organizer, Dr. Wallace, was so impressed that he told me he has given up his speaking slot in order to be able to show our documentary in a plenary session.  He feels it is that important that American black leaders understand what it exposes, and he is right.  I am looking forward to this conference as well, which is a World Congress of Families event.  If you have not yet viewed “Cultural Imperialism,” I encourage you to do so and to share it with others.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater
Family Watch International

Thank you Sharon for this wonderful news! Here is more from the Duggars. Every time I watch their show, I want to go live with them. Their life looks so wholesome and happy! Let’s do all we can to support big families, small families, and every family of any size. Families are the environment to save, big or small. Big families are not the enemy to the earth’s health or people’s health. When you have a big family, you are much less lonely, you have more fun, and your mental health and physical heatlh are better. I encourage you all to listen to the talk Joyce Kinmont gave at my Tree of Life Mothering conference 4 years ago. She shares her perspective about the blessings of having lots of children, it’s found here.

If you think that having a big family is too hard, please know there is lots of help from God, angels, the Weston Price diet for pregnant and nursing moms, and other people out there to make it look easy. This is my favorite book on the nitty-gritty logistics of running a large family, endorsed by Michelle Duggar. It’s at my local public library, it’s probably at yours! If it’s not, request that the librarians buy a copy!

And here is the blog for it,

as well as other blogs I love about large families: Raising Olives,  Mega Families, and Large Families on Purpose.

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