Fats Make You a Happy Camper, Even With a Flat Tire!

We went to Arizona a few weeks ago for a family reunion. In the middle of nowhere, between Wickiup and Wickenburg, we got a nasty flat tire. See the actual picture above.  No problem though, my wonderful husband put on a spare. Then the spare went flat. The one time we really needed to be able to count on our cell phones, we couldn’t use them because we had no cell phone service. We had to flag someone down and use someone else’s phone who had Verizon because that service was available where we were.

We called AAA and ended up getting towed to Wickenburg to the closest tire shop. They were closed, so we had to call a taxi service to drive us to a local motel for the night. Then the next day the taxi service came and picked up my husband and he rode to the tire shop to get two new tires. Then we were back in business and happily drove to join the rest of our extended family in Phoenix.

The remarkable thing was, that even though we had to wait several hours in the hot Arizona sun, nobody got mad or whiny. I like to think it’s because I had packed food for the road trip that had fat it it. I had made homemade beef jerky with the yummy recipe found here, cheese cubes, and boiled eggs. We also had some pistachio nuts and some carbs like baby carrots and sugar snap peas. Fats really do make you happy, even when you get a flat tire in 100 plus degree weather!

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