Healthy Real Foods for Lunch and After-school Snacks, Part 4: Homemade Creamsicles!

Even though it’s back to school time, it’s still fairly warm where I live (although we did have a hailstorm last Saturday, which is par for the course for crazy Utah weather). Here’s a fun, easy after-school snack to help kids cool off until the chilly fall weather settles in. It just uses two simple ingredients: freshly-squeezed orange juice and cream. You take 1 cup of juice, add 2 T of cream, mix, and pour into your popsicle molds. I got this from the The Healthy Home Economist. Here she is showing how to do it:

If you want a fancier recipe, here’s one that is much richer since it uses egg yolks, cream and milk. Enjoy!

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