Really?!! English is Logical? What About All the Exceptions?



I have taught six out of my seven kids how to read using phonics rules in our homeschool, resulting in six out of my kids reading fluently now. I will teach the youngest, who is 4, when he is ready. (He is pictured above with his sister and cousins while they were playing school.) I am open to learning more about teaching phonics. I just barely discovered this phonics program that explains all of the exceptions to the phonics rules of English. I am so excited to learn all of this and teach it informally to my kids as dinnertime conversation. For example, have you ever wondered why “pleasant” has a short e vowel sound, but “please” has a long e sound, when they both come from the same root word? You will find out when you watch Denise’s presentation. The problem is not the language but the lack of rules that we have been taught or uncovered on our own. Denise says there are 104 rules and 44 sounds represented by 74 basic phonograms.

Learn more by getting Denise’s book and watching the videos.




The English language is kind of like a puzzle! It’s actually fun! I am fascinated about these “hidden” rules that explain the exceptions. When you understand them, the beauty and history of the English language opens up to you. Share some of this passion about the logic and beauty of English with your kids! They will be more likely to want to play with it and master it! Thank you Denise Eide for creating this program! The next video explains some spelling rules based on phonics, and then the next video is Denise’s presentation about the Logic of English.



You can get the rest of the videos here at The Logic of English web site.

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