November Session of Mothers Who Know and Giveaway

It’s time to do another giveaway, a free registration to Mothers Who Know! I am starting a new session on Wednesday November 6. Please comment below if you want to enter for a chance to win.

Mothers Who Know

A Book of Mormon-based Addiction Prevention Mentoring Course for LDS Moms

over the phone

Wednesday afternoons, with the exception of the last week which will be Friday December 27 instead of Christmas Day

Wed. November 6 to Fri. December 27 2013


1 to 3 PM MT

12 noon to 2 PM PT

2 to 4 PM CT

3 to 5 PM ET

for LDS Mothers Who Want to Mentor their Families to Be Addiction Proof

If you want to get all the details, please go here.

I will announce the winner of the giveaway on Friday morning November 1 around 9 AM so you can still sign up and get the early bird price if you don’t win.

I have been mentoring this course since February 2013. Here are some of the many happy moms who have transformed with their knowledge from Mothers Who Know:

“I had been thinking about taking this class for quite a while.  Now I wish I had signed up the very first time I heard about it.  What an incredible blessing it has been in my life!  I am praying, studying my scriptures and journaling more consistently and powerfully than ever before.  I have conquered weaknesses and bad habits that have been plaguing me for years.  I feel productive, positive and well-prepared to protect myself and my family from the fiery darts of the adversary. Instead of just worrying about my children, I can teach them the skills they need to arm themselves against the entanglement of addiction. Thank you Celestia for your incredible “Mothers Who Know” class.  It has blessed our entire family.” -Melanie, mom from CA

I have been training and participating in the Eternal Warriors program since May of 2012.   As the battle for souls that began before this earth rages on we must arm ourselves and our families with the most powerful arsenal to defend ourselves from Satan and his unseen legions.  As I hold myself accountable on a daily basis to the high standard I have set as a covenant daughter of God through this goal setting, journal recording, pattern analyzing, and accountability sharing program I feel the power of the Holy Ghost with me  moment by moment and recognize the pit falls Satan tries to lure me into.  The talents  I have developed and blessings I have gained through this program have allowed me to stand firmly at the veil communicating with my Heavenly Father through our Savior Jesus Christ and not be distracted by and caught up in the things of hr world.  I am looking forward to Celestia’s teleclasses and know they will be a highlight of my week!  Join in with us and arm yourself and your family for the battle that rages!” Mother of 5, Kansas

“I want to take a few minutes to thank you and explain what this class has done for me. I am a mother of 8 and for just about all of my life I have suffered with debilitating anxiety and depression. I have not been living my life. It wasn’t until I took this class that I realized that this was Satan trying and succeeding to stop me from serving Heavenly Father. I feel like a miracle has happened in my life. If I feel any discouragement I now tell Satan to leave me alone. I now think clearly, I am so much more use to my Heavenly Father and my Family. I feel like I have so much in store now and I actually look forward to each new day.Thank you so much for your time and for changing my life. I don’t remember ever feeling this great and now I am more positive and the spirit can finally work with me. Thank you I am finally living the life God intended me to.” -mother of 8, Utah

“I am amazed at the progress I made while taking the Mother’s Who Know course.  I was able to break a bad habit that I have had for over 15 years, which I never thought I could stop.  But with the information and support Celestia and my fellow classmates gave me I was able to stop!  I have also created new positive habits which have shifted my mothering and personal growth into a higher and more enjoyable plane! 
Sheridan, mom from CA

“Mothers Who Know had great impact on me. I learned to recognize and combat Satan and to achieve things I knew I should do but never got around to. Celestia led with gentle firmness, the other class members inspired through sharing stories and struggles, and the accountability generated change.  I highly recommend this simple yet powerful class.”

Carolyn Marriott -Washington State

“Mothers Who Know has changed my life. For many years I have struggled with establishing daily habits that I was beginning to think were impossible at this stage in my life. Although I knew how important daily prayer, scripture study, and journal writing were, I just couldn’t figure out how to consistently fit it all in to my busy schedule. The knowledge and support I received in the class has made all the difference. Not only am I succeeding with these goals, my level of discernment has increased. I am more often able to detect and repel Satan’s temptation as well as hear and faithfully obey the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I am more confident in my ability to lead, protect, and empower my children. It is so exciting to be able to give them tools to resist temptation and build their faith.  I am eternally grateful and I know every family can be strengthened through the principles taught in this class.”-Nicole, Ut

“This class has been so good for me… once I really committed and did the homework!  The ‘perfect day’ concept kind of shut me down the first while, because unhealthy perfectionism is something I’ve left behind, and I didn’t like feeling that again. I sensed myself resisting. I also didn’t order my books in time, so the class discussions about concepts in the book weren’t very helpful to me. Then once I decided to commit and really go for it, WOW, this class has been great for me and for my whole family!  The book has been helpful in understanding the battles we’re in and ways I’ve never learned before for winning those battles.  I have studied therapy in college and for years with energy work, and some of these tools are totally new to me. 
“I have been overcoming personal weaknesses that I never thought I could. I have felt more of the Spirit in my life, which brings more “fruits” of the Spirit like joy, peace, patience, love, and better priorities throughout the day. I have loved writing in my journal every single day! I’ve loved journaling for years but I’ve been haphazard about it. Consistency in the ‘small and simple things’ really does bring great results.  Because I’m putting God first and feeling more of the Spirit, God is helping me be a better wife, mother, disciple, servant, steward of my physical health, and so on. I have been more consistent with habits that aren’t even listed on my GiRL PoWeR goal chart, like exercising.  I have been more discerning about Satan’s subtle tactics to do whatever he can to distract us from or postpone those powerful little actions that keep us connected to God. This awareness is empowering, because my connection to God is so precious to me, I don’t want anything to get in the way! I recommend this class Celestia!”
Becky E., Syracuse UT

“What a rewarding experience it has been to participate in the Mothers Who Know classes offered by Tree of Life Mothering.  

I am thankful for the way in which the Spirit of our Heavenly Father teaches us.  The Mothers Who Know classes aligned in my life with some personal opportunities that complimented the work I was doing in Mothers Who Know.   I felt endowed with power from on High as I learned Spiritual Principles that aided in my wisdom and learning.  I have been blessed in participating in Mothers Who Know and I am thankful for the life changing principles taught within the curriculum as well as from others who participated. Thank you for offering such an inspired program.”
Patricia DuBray

Elk Grove CA

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