What Are You Learning from the Real Foods Summit?


What are you learning from the Real Foods Summit going on this week? For those who didn’t catch the news, go here to learn more and sign up. I am thinking you can probably still sign up, for the rest of the week. It’s a free online summit this week about real food and holistic health with 4 presentations a day. Maybe if we share the bulletpoints of what we learn we can help us all catch the bulletpoints of each presentation.


Here are some golden nuggets of truths I’ve picked up:


  • Eggs aren’t necessarily good for you if they came from chickens who never see the ground or the sun. If they are fed on industrial food instead of bugs and grass, their eggs might be causing you problems.
  • you can’t be truly healthy if you aren’t eating organ meats. Personally, I can see the wisdom of this. I’ve had anemia in at least 3 pregnancies. If I had been eating organ meats on a regular basis I probably would not have had that problem. People used to eat organ meats at least once a week. My sister-in-law remembers having it as weekly dinner fare. Maybe the admonition in the Word of Wisdom to eat a “meat sparingly” works the best when we eat a little bit of organ meat about once a week instead of muscle meat every day. Sarah Pope, the presenter who made the claim that you can’t be truly healthy unless you eat organ meat, cited this fascinating study about feeding liver to rats, which is detailed here.
  • The seven foods that cause the most weight gain for people are: sugar, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and I can’t remember the other 2. Does anybody remember them? JJ Virgin said to drop the 7 foods and you will drop 7 pounds in 7 days.



  • Dr. Josh Axe shared a breakfast smoothie recipe that I can’t wait to try: whey, 3 T sprouted chia seeds, coconut milk, kefir, cinnamon and berries. I think I will be having this breakfast as soon as I can get the ingredients!
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a leading expert on gluten sensitivity. He is doing an online gluten summit in November! Go here to register! Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride of GAPS fame will be one of the presenters!




  • Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner is turning Real Foodsy and even Paleo! She is a great resource for inspiring dinner recipes. Years ago when I read her book I liked some of the recipes and some I thought weren’t real foodsy enough. But she has had several different books come out since then, even a low carb one. She even has a paleo cookbook coming out in the spring.



    • The best exercise you can do is a combination of stretches for warming up,  interval training, and isometrics. Treadmills don’t work very well for losing weight. So says Dr. Josh Axe, the buff chiropractor who presented on Monday and designed the Burst Fit program. He says his program can make you lose 3 Xs more fat.

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