Audio Interview with the Creator of Kim’s Ketogenic Diet


I blogged about this fabulously helpful ebook a few weeks ago here. If you have ever struggled to lose weight this may be the ebook for you! Especially if you have a slow metabolism, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS, or thyroid or adrenal issues. If you have been eating real food for some time as promoted by the Nourishing Traditions philosophy but still don’t have the body condition or size you want, you may be interested in doing a ketogenic diet. This is a high-fat, medium protein and low carb diet that you will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished. This diet puts you into ketogenesis which means your body starts burning fat instead of glucose.

I just got word from the author that she did an interview on the Health Nuts podcast where she talks about her journey discovering the principles behind the book. You can listen to the interview here or over here on itunes.

What I love about this ebook is that it is based on Sally Fallon’s principles from the Eat Fat Lose Fat book. Then it has paleo/low carb concepts on top of that.  Before I stumbled across this resource, I was thinking, “I wish there was some blogger out there who was based on Eat Fat Lose Fat! I want to see someone’s journey using that book.” Serendipitously, I found Kim’s blog here. Thank you God for leading me to it! I then discovered she had created a paleo ketogenic diet and written it up in this ebook. It is a paleo diet (meaning it’s grain free) using real food and high fat.


Also, here’s a coupon code to get a discount. The sale was going to end last week, but it has been extended until Halloween! You can get it for 20% off if you use coupon code EFLF20. It’s regularly $19.99, so with the coupon you can get it for around $15. (be sure to click “update” in the cart after entering this promo code). Click here to view more details so you can buy it!


One of my friends recently bought the ebook and just yesterday she texted me the following note:


Celestia- I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for recommending the keto ebook. I bought it and read the whole thing in a couple hours last weekend, and have implemented the principles since Monday. I have loved it! I love the recipes, and I love the way i feel eating this way. I have been experimenting with low carb/WAPF eating for the last year or two , but her book answered many questions that I have had and not been able to figure out with the info that I had. Thank you, thank you! That was an answer to my prayers! 🙂


I love helping people find answers they are praying for! I started the diet myself yesterday and I felt so nourished and delighted. I made the cocoa coconut smoothie for breakfast and felt so nourished and satisfied! For dinner I had the smoothie again, and then I had some chicken squash soup with bone broth. Again, I felt fully nourished and satisfied. I was able to go to an Eagle Court of Honor that night and not even feel tempted by the raspberry chocolate tarts served at the end created by a family friend, a gourmet chef who has had his own restaurant. And the chewy chocolate chip cookies that someone else brought from Costco. I look forward to being able to stay on this diet long-term because I can feel satisfied with the yummy full-fat recipes. I hope you enjoy it too!



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