Don’t Let This Get Away From You: My NEW Ebook on Homeschooling Ages 2 to 12!

Do you…

  • want your kids to feel brilliant and that they can learn anything they set their mind to?
  • lie awake at night dreading the next homeschooling day, because you don’t know what to do for your homeschooling?
  • ¬†experience stress the night before a homeschooling day, gathering up supplies for a lesson that takes 4 hours to prepare and then only lasts 15 minutes?
  • want a guide to your morning devotionals of scripture study with your children?
  • want to engage in picture books and classic read alouds with your kids, and then discuss principles for every child to learn?

  • want to have a gospel-based “preschool” program in your home for your children under 5?
  • want a stress-free, noncomplicated guide to learning with all of your children based on LDS gospel principles?
  • struggle with the TJED “structure time not content” key for core and love of learning phases?
  • do you want to give your children an education based on the classics of the English language for children as well as LDS gospel principles?
  • do you want to experience FUN and INSPIRATION along the way?

Look no further!

Come to this webinar! You will get a companion ebook of the same title! It’s the…

“The Celestial ABCs: A Guide for Morning Devotionals, Preschool, or Homeschooling Ages 2 to 12

Without Losing Your Mind or Your Life!”

Saturday December 14




This ebook will answer the “how” for doing all of the above.

Register for the webinar/ebook by Saturday November 30th to get the early bird price of $30.

If your register December 1 or later the cost is $40.

To order, paypal the money to info at treeoflifemothering dot com. (put the @ and . in the right places). The ebook will be sent by email after December 1.

Happy Learning!

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