Fall Into Health Ebook Bundle Extended!

I have some news to make you happy! The Fall Into Health Bundle has been extended to Saturday November 9th!

For only $39, you get

  • 48 e-books – $955 value
  • 15 exclusive podcasts – $45 value
  • 3 online video classes – $277 value
  • 2 meal plans – $223 value
  • 2 magazines – $63 value
  • 21 discount coupons – Over $500 value

If you have thought about getting the Kick the Weight with Keto ebook that I blogged about over here, you can pay about 20 more bucks and get the Keto diet ebook plus over 40 more ebooks all in this bundle.

I have been doing Kim’s Keto Diet since Sunday October 27 and I am loving it! I am on Day 13 of being grain free and sugar free, even with Halloween in there. I have never felt more satisfied and nourished and full of mental clarity. This luscious-looking recipe is in the Keto diet ebook. Yum!

It’s a bundle of electronic products, full of gorgeous photos and tantalizing recipes from some of my favorite real food bloggers, inspired by the Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions principles. You will also get podcasts from people like Joel Salatin and Julia Ross, meal plans, and more!

And it all involves real food! No having to translate your recipes into real food! It’s already done! Did you know that people have experienced dramatic results from eating real food, such as healing from fibromyalgia, brain fog, cancer, infertility, adult-onset diabetes, IBS, eczema, acne, candida, food allergies, hyperactivity, ADD, mental problems, autism, Crohn’s, chronic pain, depressions, anxiety, and being overweight, among other conditions?

Click here to see all the details and buy! The sale ends Saturday November9! Like I said, this is a $2000 value for only $39! Yes, Christmas has come early!

You can get a taste of what the podcasts are like with these sample podcasts. The folks at Village Green Network are giving away 5 free podcasts every day! Go here to get the free podcasts!

The biggest way you can change your health is to consistently eat real food and get more sleep! Learn how to do that with these ebooks!

You can read all these ebooks on your Kindle or on your computer, if you don’t have a Kindle. If you actually use the recipes, they will help you heal, lose weight, have more energy, and feel nourished so you can have the patience and mental clarity to be a better mom. (If you don’t have a Kindle I highly recommend one! I love having so many recipes in one place that fits neatly on my kitchen countertop!)

There’s more! The VGN people are giving away fun prizes like iPad minis ever day! Go here to enter the giveaways!

The sale ends on Saturday, November 9, so act now! I know you are going to love these recipes and ideas!

Click here to see all the details and buy!

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