Can I Really Use Games for My Homeschool Curriculum?

I feel inspired this year to use our homeschooling time to play games with my 7 and 9 year olds after we study a principle in the scriptures and discuss it. I am sooo wanting to inspire in these rascally cuties a love of learning. Now that I see that my two oldest children (oldest child, a boy, age 20, and my oldest girl, almost 18) have been accepted into more than one university without me following a set curriculum that requires grammar and spelling workbooks, I feel relief!

I feel a lot more confident to do FUN games during our homeschooling time with the younger ones. I never had the organizational skills or discipline to have a rotating curriculum where we studied biology in year 1, chemistry in year 2, earth science in year 3, etc. Nor did we ever use spelling or grammar worksheets. They picked that up along the way as they read great books, did LEMI Scholar Projects, and then prepared for the ACT with Ann Meeks’ boot camp. They both have an intense love of learning that they have built their scholar years upon. When your children have a love of learning, they feel confident enough to learn anything they need to to do well on a test. (But I don’t recommend letting them wait on learning math. That is a lot of concepts and skills to cram before a test.)

So, with my younger set of a boy and girl who are close in age (the 7 and 9 year olds) I am looking forward to getting some games to use with them once we’re done cleaning up the breakfast dishes and I’ve shared a scripture and helped them mark it, according to my Celestial ABCs. Oh, and done our math for the day. My older kids are self-governing and beautifully get right on their homeschooling tasks for the day way before breakfast. That’s the wonder of scholar phase. These impish younger kids are still mastering being self-governing in their housework jobs and doing math on their own. Hopefully, the games will motivate them to get the breakfast chores done much sooner.

Here is my wishlist! Does anybody want to vouch for these games or provide criticism?

I have read amazon reviews of them but don’t always know who to trust when some people give only 2 stars and some give 5. Can any of you give me recommendations or objections to these games or give me other recommendations? We already have Scrabble and Word on the Street.

Product Details

Language Arts

Cooking Up Sentences
Very Silly Sentences
Learning Resources Hidden Hints
You’ve Been Sentenced
Rory’s Story Cubes
Go to Press Grammar and Editing Game
Product Details
Think Fun Math Dice
Eeboo Telling Time
Learning Resources Money Bags
Sequence Numbers
Mindware Flip 4
POP addition and subtraction
Professor Noggins card games
Brain Box games
Somebody anatomy game
Linkology card games
Camp board game
Product Details
Chronology: The Game of all Time
Constutition Quest (this one is not for the younger kids, it’s for my 12 year old practice scholar who is taking a class on the Constitution called Key of Liberty. It looks so fun!)
Any more ideas anyone?
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