Sunday School for Sunday November 17, 2013

Today for Sunday School here on the Tree of Life Mothering Network I am posting a video from the Agency-based Conference that I attended two Saturdays ago. The video features Audrey Rindlisbacher, a friend of mine who owns and operates the The Ten Boom Institute.

She explains what a principle is, how important it is to operate your life on principles, and how to identify a principle. A principle is the same thing as a natural law. Doctrine and Covenants 132:20-21    tells us that every blessing is based on following a law or principle that goes with it. Principles really do matter!  Audrey gives some examples of false principles that influenced the world, those of Aristotle, who believed that slavery was needed to have a free class of people, and Hitler, who believed in the false principle of a superior race.

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