You and Your Cookies: Don’t Take Any Credit, it’s All God or Grandma!

Today is Virtue’s birthday! I can’t believe that 18 years ago I was rejoicing that I had my first baby girl! It was my first natural birth, following my oldest child’s birth, two years earlier. I feel so grateful that she has healed from her anxiety and depression and debilitating pain that she had almost two years ago. Now she is going to college on scholarship in January. I am so grateful that my friend Aneladee lovingly reached out to me with a fateful phone call in May of 2012. She invited my daughter and me to take her class called Eternal Warriors. We took it and loved it and it has made all the difference in our lives! I loved it so much I asked to take Aneladee’s training and now I teach the class as Mothers Who Know.

I remember a few months before she called me. It was a Saturday night in the early spring. I finally had the little kids to bed and I was about to go to bed myself, knowing that my 14 year old was at a youth church dance and would be calling us to get a ride soon. I figured I would send his dad to go pick him up. 🙂

Suddenly I heard a voice, not just a voice, but a hearty, jolly laugh floating up from my downstairs and I thought, “That sounds like Aneladee! What is Aneladee doing in my living room?” It seemed like a dream come true! I love chatting with her whenever I can! I grabbed my robe, hurriedly put it over my pajamas, and went downstairs. So I wasn’t delusionally dreaming, she really was there! She had come to pick up her son who had gone to the dance with my son. We got to talking, and talked so much, that my husband graciously offered to go get the boys so we could keep joyfully talking. I remember Aneladee talking about her boss, Maurice Harker. Maurice is the owner of Life Changing Services. Aneladee told me this story Maurice had told her, about Grandma and making cookies. The point was that God is like Grandma helping a little girl make cookies. We all know that when Grandma and a little girl make cookies, Grandma does all the work, but she gives the little girl all the credit, right? Guess what? We are like that little girl and Grandma is like God. God enjoys working through us to make delicious creations. You can go here to read the whole story. It’s not very long, just a simple little story, a parable. I recommend you get the audio as well, for $1.99. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the paypal button.

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