Countdown to Christmas with Book Review #2: Christmas Treasures

OK, so this isn’t a Christmas picture book. It doesn’t exactly fit in with the countdown of picture books I am doing here on my blog. But I just had to share it will of you. I found it at my public library last week and I am so happy I found it!

I started reading it Sunday night and I was hooked! I had to force myself to go to bed after reading “just one more.” These aren’t your typical saccharine sweet stories. Some of these stories are heart-warming, some are joyful, and some are downright sad. Like the story that Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone shares about his childhood Christmases, living with the burden of an alcoholic father. One year all Vaughn wanted for Christmas was an overcoat. He asked for it and didn’t get it. I like that this book has stories like that because it shows that despite disappointments at Christmas, life moves on, and we do too. We have heartaches and learn and grow. Because of the Christ in Christmas, things will eventually be all right.

Another sad story is told by Elder Dallas Merrell, who shares that his baby daughter at 2 months died of SIDS on Christmas Day. I can’t imagine having such a tragedy associated with Christmas! Yet, Elder Merrell’s wife eventually found solace. Get this book and read the whole story. It will definitely bring the spirit of Christ into your heart and home as you read the stories aloud for FHE, bedtime, or mealtime.

Merry Christmas!

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