Mothers Who Know Giveaway for January!

I know most of us can barely see beyond Christmas right now, but I am gearing up to teach the January session of Mothers Who Know.  It will start Wednesday January 8 at 1 PM MT.

Normally, the tuition is $97 if you sign up by the early bird deadline of Friday December 27 at midnight. If you register after that the cost is $147. Then you pay an additional $50 for a journal, book, and DVD. With ALL of  this you get:

  • 8 weeks of 2 hours of group mentoring over the phone and internet
  • knowledge of how to win the battles that the adversary dishes up on you
  • specific help in achieving three goals that you pick yourself
  • an LDS perspective on psychology, motivation, self-betrayal, and addiction
  • lots of encouragement and support in a loving atmosphere!
  • peace of mind as you realize that you are not broken, cursed, or defective because you struggle accomplishing the same things after years of working at it
  • lifetime access to all of Maurice Harker’s digital recordings, on a variety of subjects. It is so refreshing to have a Godly, Christlike perspective on psychology, marriage counseling, and self-help!
  • a new life, empowered by the sense that you are awakened to satan’s modern-day battle strategies of brain chemistry warfare!
  • the ability to be a mother lion who protects her home from addictions
  • the ability to teach your children how to set goals, track goals, and be accountable
  • the ability to shine as a beacon to your children as you escape from your pre-addictions

Please comment below to enter for a chance to win the drawing for the giveaway! I will hold the giveaway on Thursday Dec. 26 around 4 PM MT.

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