Give the Gift of Health: Be a Dr. Mom to Your Family! Join the Call!

G.K. Chesterton once said, “Woman is the center and pillar of health.”

Do you feel this way? Do you feel that you are equipped with knowledge and the resources to help your family be healthy so they can live up to the dreams and missions God has given them? There is much more to life than treating symptoms and going from one illness to the next. God created us to be vibrant, active, and healthy so we can have joy!


Did you know?

  • 8000 drugs are released every year, and 5000 drugs are recalled
  • used incorrectly, acetaminophen, as in children’s Tylenol, can cause permanent liver damage
  • the leading cause of deaths in hospitals is iatrogenic (or doctor-caused)
  • many popular children’s over the counter medications have ingredients (artificial flavors and colors) that come from petroleum which can cause behavior and learning problems, not to mention more illnesses that can happen down the road

Is your family free of the pesky problems of warts, canker sores, allergies, stomach aches, strep throat, and other minor physical ailments? Does your extended family have a history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses? Or do you just dread the upcoming cold and flu season and want to know how to get through it without those persistent runny noses, ear aches, scratchy sore throats, and hacking coughs? If your child got badly burned, do you have on hand what to apply to start immediate healing and regrowth of skin?

Would you like to learn natural remedies that really work as an alternative to drugs? Would you like to stay out of the doctor’s office so you can save time and money?


“One grandmother is worth two M.D.s” -Dr. Mendelsohn


Come to a Dr. Mom/Grandma Class to learn the following so you can reduce trips to the doctor this



  • steps to preventing illness
  • how to treat ear infections for 50 cents

  • shorten duration of cold and flu, or avoid them all together

  • beat the wintertime blues

    stop a sore throat in its tracks and more!


    This class will be a teleseminar on Tuesday December 17 in the evening. It will last an hour. We will talk about dietary changes and using essential oils.


    6 PM Pacific Time

    7 PM Mountain Time

    8 PM Central Time

    9 PM Eastern Time

             Call 712-432-0490

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