Christmas Countdown Picture Book Review: Christmas Day in the Morning


This is one of my favorite picture books for Christmas! I know, I am saying that about almost every one that I blog about. We have so many wonderful Christmas picture books to enjoy! I like this one because of the sweet story, the family love, the gift of service involved, and the quiet, subdued illustrations of moments in the early morning by Mark Buehner. Pearl Buck tells a wonderful story of a little boy who decides that the best gift he can give to his dad is the gift of himself in service. It’s a great way to discuss with your kids about what gifts of service they can give their family members. For the preface, the illustrator, Mr. Buehner, tells of hearing the story read aloud in church (which I imagine was sacrament meeting since Mr. Buehner is a Latter-day Saint). He says the story inspired his children to stay up one night cleaning the house as an early Christmas present for his wife. I have read Mr. Buehner’s other books, like Fanny’s Dream, and his other illustrations tend to be more cartoony. I like that his illustrations in this book are more realistic and soft. I give the book 5 out of 5 stars! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, via its university, BYU, made a movie out of it way back in my childhood, and you can watch it below!

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