Things That Made Me Smile in September and October

I meant to post this a few months ago and had a hard time getting the pictures uploaded. I am finally posting it now. 

Some fun things going on in my life that made me smile in September and October.

My son Ventur (my alias for him) is showing a lot of initiative in his practice scholar phase class called Key of Liberty. it is so fun to see him so creative in doing his presentation. He worked on it many weeks before class and decided to use the overhead projector we inherited from our neighbor, who cleaned out the church office and brought it to us. I had to explain to the kids what this ancient artifact was. They all took a liking to it and Venture decided to use it for his presentation on weapons of the Revolutionary War. He has passed off all his requirements for the class! I am so pleased with him!

We had a super fun Harvest Ball that my wonderful friend Katie put on. I loved that all of the music was wholesome and nobody wore ugly, gruesome  costumes. I didn’t feel like I had to shout to be heard by the person I was conversing with right next to me. It was my favorite Harvest Ball I’ve been to (I’ve been to many) even though there were no decorations and I didn’t eat any of the sugar (It was Day 6 of no sugar!). Probably because the conversation with some dear friends was so enlightening. The kids had fun with their friends and my dear husband was happy because he brought a book to read in the foyer. He does know how to dance (after all he was on the BYU Ballroom Dance team that won the International Championship in Blackpool England the first time in the ancient history time of the 1980s), but he doesn’t always want to do it. My 15 year old son impressed all the ladies with his dance moves.

My Sword of Freedom class is sooooo much fun! This is a class I am teaching to a group of homeschooled youth about the “Civil War.” I love learning about the War to Prevent Southern Independence right a long with my students. We had a Gettysburg Simulation and that was a blast! We even had it on a hillside, just like the real thing. You know, the “higher ground” things. We used air soft guns. I had no clue what I was doing so I let my 15 year old son and his 14 year old buddy organize it all. I had fun except I lost my purse which I thought I left right by a bush so I could go up the hill unencumbered. When I went back I could not find it! I wasted a whole hour looking for it! Luckily my son found it! The adversary was really having a heyday spinning my brain with visions of stealthy black-costumed ninjas sneaking across the hillside to snatch my purse, dig out all the cash and credit cards, then tossing the purse in the garbage and running away! I am so glad that was not true at all!

My little 4 year old guy is always telling me, “Mom, I love you!.” None of his older siblings were ever this much verbal about loving me at this age or any age. It makes me wonder why this guy is so sweet.

In our Liber Academy homeschool group we played with dry ice. Even though I have a bachelor’s degree in science I didn’t know that metal touching dry ice makes it screech. The kids had a ball exploring that. I also didn’t know if you put a layer for film across the top of a bowl of dry ice that a huge bubble will emerge.

This fall seems more technicolorish than usual. The leaves are now fallen from my favorite backyard tree, the apricot, but when they were still on they looked almost unreal with their fluorescent yellow and green shades. I felt God taking especial joy in delighting my eyes with the beauty.

We had a birthday party for one of my sons. Yeah, his birthday was a few months ago but who says you have to celebrate right on the day? Lest you think I am a neglectful mama, we celebrated with our immediate family right on his birthday. But since he turned 12 he gets a friends birthday party. I was so swamped with reunions and road trips taking me through the red rocks of Utah and Arizona, preparing for and unpacking from, that I postponed the party indefinitely. Life finally settled down enough that we could do his party. The setting was beautiful and the weather perfect. He and his buddies had a great time air softing each other. I wouldn’t let him come to the Gettysburg Simulation which was at the same place the week before so this made up for it.

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