The Mormons Really Know How to Put On a Show!


Last Friday night we won the lottery! Not a real lottery, but the Mormon “lottery.” I know, we are not known for gambling. The closest thing that comes to the lottery for Mormons is the annual offering of tickets to the Christmas Concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra on Temple Square. They always have at least two “big name” guests come, like Natalie Cole or Jane Seymour. You can’t buy tickets for it, you have to enter for a drawing of the tickets, and you do it online. You can only enter once per household, and you can only get up to four tickets. My missionary son entered for us from his mission in North Carolina and he won! He surprised us with an early Christmas present by mailing the tickets to us right before Thanksgiving!


So this almost makes up for the concert I missed four years ago, a snippet of which is posted above. That was the year that my now-missionary son performed as one of the dancers, and Natalie Cole and David McCullough were the guest artists. I can’t figure out which dancer is my son, but he was there! I stayed home with my four month old nursing baby boy and my three other little children. I was so jealous! But I knew I didn’t want to leave my baby. It was hard though not to go watch my firstborn and see those famous people! My dh took two of our adolescent kids and one of my daughter’s friends. 


So this year it was my turn to go as the baby is now 4! I said it was also time for the next two boys to go, who were 8 and 5 four years ago but are now 12 and 9. It was so UH-MAY-ZING to see this show! They had Deborah Voigt, a famous opera singer, and the guy who plays Gimli in the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies. Ms. Voigt sang so gorgeously. Her voice is a luxurious treat for the ears, and Gimli’s voice is too, in a deeper, mellower, way. He acted as the Ghost of Christmas Present with a guy who played Charles Dickens, and they actually flew over the audience! But the best moment of the whole show was Richard Elliott’s organ solo. Talk about athleticism of the legs, feet, arms, and fingers! He got a standing ovation! I have posted a previous year’s solo below to give you an example. 


Afterwards we met up with my teenage daughter who works at the Lion House. We walked through the City Creek mall and got to see the Berlin Candy Bomber window display at Deseret Book. My boys ages 9 and 12 had a blast playing with the parachutes being puffed out by the blaster. We got to see Ms. Voigt and Mr. Rhys-Davies autographing books. I was disappointed I couldn’t show my daughter the Type 2 dress that Ms. Voigt had been wearing. It was a dress that Anne of Green Gables would have approved: bright red (although Anne maybe would have worn it green) with puffed sleeves, shirring or ruffles along the V-neck, a bow, and a long flowing train in back that got caught on a poinsettia as she exited the stage.

She had changed into something less fancy for the autographing. Now her outfit seemed more Type 4-ish, as it was all black, and my daughter has been telling me that only Type 4s can wear solid black. If you don’t know what I mean by these types, just google “Dressing Your Truth” by Carol Tuttle and the veil of secrecy will be lifted. My daughter spent the whole time as we walked through the mall pointing out to me the Types associated with each outfit we saw for sale. It is fun to see her take off with this knowledge. Every day now she is watching videos on and making comments to me about Types and what Types all her family members and friends are. 


Oh, before I sign off on this post…you can watch the whole concert on Christmas Eve on Utah’s Channel 7 or on Google and you can probably find the exact times.

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