Christmas 2013: Being Santa is Lonely!

Ramblings from Christmas this year:

  • we enjoyed my daughter’s last ballet recital before she goes to college. I liked the music for her two numbers. Fortunately, it wasn’t “Radioactive,” which was the music for another class’s number. It was weird to see ballerinas in bright neon green tutus dancing prettily to that raucous noise which I don’t really call music! Somebody please tell me what that music has to do with Christmas!
  • I had several Scrooge moments! The worst came when I was doing Santa workshop duty and almost missed my connection buying a used Kindle from a guy I found on My phone, with the directions contained therein, died on me right before I got to the right place! And the charger cord was not compatible! At least it wasn’t snowing, and the guy waited for me so I finally met up with him and got the asked-for Santa gift! Below is my son’s expression as he opened it, so that made it worth it!

  • every year I swear I will make next year better: have the gifts wrapped all before Christmas Eve, start buying in July, donate money to poor people, take gift baskets to widows, have all the food made by Christmas Eve morning, have the kids give thoughtful, homemade gifts to each other, etc. Maybe I need to make these things part of my Eternal Warriors/ Mothers Who Know goals starting in June. Or maybe just give up on them?

  • I finally figured out how to display my Christmas cards that I have collected over 20 years of marriage. Yes, I am a Type 2, sentimental packrat who doesn’t like to throw away Christmas cards. Here’s my idea that I hope is worthy of Pinerest: get your 12 year old to string up yarn around the perimeter of your living room, attaching with green painter’s tape, and then you just hang the cards on the yarn along the fold. Easy and cheap and very festive looking! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!

Being Santa is a lonely job! I was stuffing the stockings at 1 AM and dh was up wrapping presents. I have learned it’s best not to wrap presents with him around. He has his way of wrapping and doesn’t like my way. So I stuffed the stockings (a major project as I had to apportion equally all the goodies into Ziploc bags for each person) and I was so tired and lonely. I was getting tired of the radio music. I started checking Facebook on my phone and found this cute video from my friend Kaisie that brightened my spirits. Thank you Kaisie!

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