My Nephew’s Wedding!

Yikes, I can’t believe that my own flesh-and-blood nephew is old enough to get married! I graduated from BYU the same day as his dad, and his mom was very pregnant with nephew on that day. Then a month later, nephew was born. How excited I was to see him! I went over the very day he was born to hold him. I remember babysitting him when he was a toddler. He was a fan of Barney and a diaper and sandals were his favorite apparel. I am so happy that he and his beautiful bride got married in the temple two days ago and are embarking on an eternal journey together! Weddings are such happy days! This is only the beginning of many weddings for my parents’ grandchildren! Although, I hope that the next one won’t be for at least two or three more years, after some missions are over and a bit, if not, all of college.

They are so sweet together! Congratulations Brother and Sister Sudweeks!

Here’s my brother, below, with his beautiful family, minus one son, who is on a mission in Belgium. I love the bright red and blue colors that the bride chose.

It was such a beautiful, wintry, clear day at the Draper Temple.

I was actually more comfortable waiting for the bride and groom to come out of this temple then at my niece’s at the Salt Lake Temple in the sweltering July heat last summer! Below, pictured are my sister, and her husband, talking to my parents while niece patiently waits.


My daughter did her cousin’s hair. I love the bow!

Here’s daughter, with her new scarf, a Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa. We heard a lot of commentary, fashion and otherwise, relating to energy types, from daughter throughout the day. “Cousin Sarah is Type 4,” “Aunt Claudia’s stepmom is Type 1,” “Taylor is Type 1,2….” and on and on. She is really getting into the Carol Tuttle energy types.  So much so that I find myself asking for a “no typing zone” breather of time by the end of the day! Which goes to show my own Type 4ness, I am told.

Baby niece staying warm! I love the pink fringe on the blanket!

Here’s my other sister and some of her kids! So cute!

The cake!


The groom can really cut a rug! This picture really shows my nephew’s personality!

More cousins! My daughter, on the left, refused to wear a dress. At least we got her to wear a skirt to the reception.

My niece talking to her aunt, my sister. Baby niece looks a lot warmer now!

Here are some of my nieces and nephews with my daughter, with a picture of the groom’s brother, another nephew, who is on a mission. Weddings are such happy days. I am looking forward to being at the weddings of all of these youngsters, but may it be not for another three years or so! Please take your time kids!

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