How to Choose Books to Read to Your Kids, Your Family, and Your Book Group

Now that Christmas and New Year’s are over, maybe you are settling into more of a routine. I hope that your routine includes reading more books, especially for these dark wintry days. This is the season for curling up with a great book! So how do you choose a great book? First, let’s start with avoiding bad ones. My friend Audrey explains in the video above how to avoid bad books for your kids.

Here’s Audrey explanation of how to get kids to like reading:

Here’s Audrey on how to choose a book for your group.

Here’s Audrey’s husband on how to find more to read. He reads 50 books a year, while running a business and attending school full time.

Finally, here’s how to get your kids to do their chores, which will help you have more time to read!

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