Studying Heroes for a Whole Semester


Tomorrow is my first day of mentoring The Hero Project, a class on world wars for my homeschooling youth group. I get to share stories about heroes every week. So I get to share stories about Maria Von Trapp, Irene Sendler, Corrie Ten Boom, and “The Greatest Generation.” This is rekindling my love of the Von Trapp family. You know how you study certain people for a time, then you “forget” about them, and then something happens, and you remember those people and you feel all these warm feelings for them. That’s how I feel about Maria Von Trapp. I read her story years ago when I was pregnant with baby #5, 10 years ago this winter. Now I get to rekindle my passion about her story.

I would love to hear if any of you have any heroes from this time period (WWI to WWII) that you have studied.

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