Back to School and Work, It’s Not as Bad as I Thought It Would Be!

We had such a lovely vacation over Christmas and New Year’s that I thought it would be hard transitioning back to the routine of homeschooling. We went to my sister’s baby blessing on Sunday and that in itself seemed like a mini-vacation, we got to eat food we didn’t prepare, play with cousins, and with the church meeting before noon we had the rest of the day stretched out before us. Possibly to stay all day at my sister’s house. For probably the first time, we actually weren’t the last ones to leave my sister’s house. It’s hard to tear the kids away from their cousins. My sister has had a baby every two years, so with baby blessings and now baptisms we go there to celebrate every year now. This year we get to go twice!

With my daughter at BYU-Idaho now and the next child down off of dinner dishes, two of my people helping with dishes are gone.  I am now pulled back into being more involved with child training in terms of training the younger ones how to work. We have the littles (ages 9, almost 8, and 4) on doing more dishes now. That means I get to work with them at lunch and dinner, showing them how to put food away, rinse out pots, load pots in the dishwasher, etc. The past two days have actually gone pretty smoothly in that regard. Plans work when I work the plan and don’t get distracted by other things.

When we all work the plan, it’s amazing how we have time left over to do fun things like read together or play games.

Here’s a video of a 3 year old working to make her family breakfast to inspire you! I love seeing things like this help me think how we can all do more things we at first don’t think we are capable of. I love how the mom in the video is so cheerful and responsive to the little girl.

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