If You Have PCOS, and Infertility…Here’s a Secret

Photo: My sisters wedding cake finished!

Dh and I went to a wedding reception Saturday night. The bride chose a Disney theme, and her little brother decorated the cake, pictured above. Isn’t it beautiful?

While we were there we bumped into a couple who used to live in our ward. They have moved and are expecting baby #3. We congratulated them. They said they struggled for two years to get pregnant with baby #1. The first doctor they went to for help was no help. He simply told them they would probably never have any kids. The wife has PCOS, so she has a small window of time when she is fertile. They found a second doctor who was able to help them get pregnant with a simple secret. Guess what it was?

“Switch from using tampons to pads.”

So the wife did, and within two months they were pregnant and haven’t had problem ever since! Hooray for smart doctors who give simple solutions!

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