How to Get a Baby to Stop Crying, Without CIO or Drugs!


I discovered Dr. Karp at a La Leche League International Conference in San Francisco over 10 years ago, after 8 years of AP mothering with four babies and severe sleep deprivation. What a godsend Dr. Karp is!  He is the real Baby Whisperer! Because of him, I have had much better sleep in the latter half of my motherhood. I have never believed in CIO (crying it out) to get my babies to go to sleep. There is another way! Without giving them drugs! (When I was a young mom I heard stories from distant relatives who would give their babies drugs to make them sleepy…that sounded quite dangerous to me!)  My babies #5, #6, and #7 have all been “Karpized” to sleep. Dr. Karp’s name is blessed in my house! Learn his secrets of 5 S’s and you will actually feel excited to practice calming a baby when she cries!


Here’s a dad putting the some of the 5 S’s into action! Watch and be amazed!

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