Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place, and Her Ripple Effect 2/6/14


Today I am blogging about a classic, The Hiding Place, and the inspiration it has created in my friends’ lives. The above video shows my friend Audrey, cofounder of the Ten Boom Institute, raving about the book.

Then today, we talked about the main character of this book, Corrie ten Boom, in my homeschooling Hero Project class for youth. I think the youth had never heard of her before. I announced to them that we will be reading her book, The Hiding Place, in March after I told them a little about her story. Her story is incredible! Corrie is the epitome of Christlike-love. As Audrey says in the video above, if we can even get our children to approach Corrie’s character, we will know we have pointed our children in the right direction.



At the same time we have our class every Thursday morning at my Commonwealth School, there’s a class going on down the hall for my three little kids, called The Ten Boom Project. The Ten Boom Project is a class for core phasers pursuing a Thomas Jefferson Education model, or for those who wish to implement a solid foundation for life. My friend Katie Hansen has been creating the curriculum with Aneladee Milne and she has been teaching the class at our Commonwealth School. Every month, the kids learn a new song, dance, story, and script to help them learn the core phase values of what’s right, true, and good. They also get to play a lot in the class too! You can read more of what’s goes on in the brain of Katie at her blog here.



I just assumed that these kids in my class, and my kids included, knew why that class is called The Ten Boom class. I found out today they didn’t know, so I clued them in. Corrie risked her life to help the Jews, and Hebrew is the ancient language of the Jewish people. Hebrew is the language of liberty! Corrie exemplified what it means to have a Christ-like core character. The purpose of the Ten Boom Class is to expose children to stories of great character traits by exploring the meaning behind the symbols of the Hebrew alphabet.

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