Friday Night at the Movies: Song of Love with Katherine Hepburn


As promised last Monday, I am going to blog on Fridays about a movie to suggest that you and your family watch over the weekend. Tonight’s movie is Love Song, an old classic based on the true story of the love story between Clara and Robert Schumann, starring none other than Katherine Hepburn. The great news is that the whole movie is on YouTube and you can watch it right here in this video featured above! Watch if next Friday for Valentine’s Day!


I heard about this movie years ago from a homeschooling mom at an LDSHEA conference, when she gave a presentation about the power of wholesome movies. She raved about how this movie shows a wonderful romance of married love. I wish we could hear more stories and movies about true, wholesome married love. Most movie romances are all about boy-meets-girl, boy-overcomes-trials, boy-gets-girl, and then we don’t hear about the rest of the story of married love, which is really where all the trials and adventures lie!



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