$100 Bucks for Memorizing the Declaration of Independence?

So what might happen if you memorize the Declaration of Independence? You just might be asked to recite it spontaneously, at a seminar on the Making of America, and then have a Ben Franklin given to you by someone who is really impressed! That’s what happened to Venture yesterday! I give credit to his Key of Liberty class, from LEMI. This class is for young practice scholars to learn about the beginning of American history. One of the requirements is to memorize the Declaration. V did it and now he got to see that “chance favors the prepared mind!” Of course, I am saying he gets to give half of it to me, as I was the one who told him about the event and brought him! Don’t be afraid of your freedom, go study some historical documents! You never know how it might pay off! 

The Key of Liberty class is such a great environment to motivate my kids to study! So far my four oldest kids have all taken the class/project at our commonwealth school, and they have all memorized the Declaration. I don’t think they would have memorized it just for me at home. Sometimes a little peer pressure from other homeschooled youth is what my kids have needed to study. V says he is the one creating the peer pressure in his class! In the picture below he is holding the key, with ribbons, attached, that they earn if they complete the requirements. The key is actually the one that I earned when I took the training. His is coming at the end of the school year, with a lot more ribbons, he says!

The seminar we attended was presented by NCCS and sponsored by Smith and Edwards. Here is a sampling of what we learned yesterday.

You can watch the seminar and get the study guide as a PDF here. Enjoy learning about the roots of our liberty!

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