Picture Book Monday: Sort-of Valentinish Tales and Perfect Books for Winter


Last Saturday, I blogged about making homemade chocolates, in honor of Valentine’s Day. Today I am blogging about picture books that have a romantic theme and then some books that are wintry because they involve ice and George Washington, in honor of his February birthday. So, first, let’s talk about The Princess and the Kiss. It may be a little, I don’t know, maybe schmaltzy, but I still like it. It’s a story with a moral, to teach young people not to carelessly give kisses and other forms of physical affection away before marriage. These signs of admiration and love mean a lot more when they are treated like a sacred gift, given after vows are made. A young princess is reminded of the gift God gave her, her first kiss. Who will she give it to? Where will she find her prince? This is a great book to prepare children, especially girls, because of the princess theme, with the idea of saving a first kiss, Duggar style, until the marriage altar. Of course, it works best to open their minds to this vision long before they start dating or courting.  


So here’s the boy version of The Princess and the Kiss, The Squire and the Scroll, by the same author. It’s about a squire who has to pass three tests as he travels a fearsome path with his knight on a quest for their king. The tests determine if the squire will hold to his determination to guard his heart from all that is impure so he can best serve his king and and fight the dragon. A wonderful book to read and talk about with your kids!


Oooh, this book makes me want to get back to Huntsville, UT to go ice skating again! I was already a fan of the illustrator, having seen her work in other books like the picture book version of the Secret Garden. Who knew that ice could take so many forms? Only someone who grew up on a farm in Maine, and has fond childhood memories of wholesome family activities exploring the beauties of nature. I am reading this one a little bit every day to the kids when they clean up the kitchen after dinner. A perfect wintry story!


Dear husband read aloud The Hobbit and the whole LOTR trilogy to Cowboy and Princessa over the course of maybe two or three years for their bedtime stories. Now they are ages 8 and 9, so it was maybe when they were ages 5-8.  I thought it would be fun to read the above book so I can finally understand the whole attraction to LOTR. Yes, I admit, I am culturally unliterate, having never read them. I couldn’t get past all the strange names that I can’t pronounce. I am not a huge fan of fiction. I would rather just read books telling me what they mean than actually read them. This isn’t really a picture book, but it does have pictures and I find it very appealing. We are reading it during dinner dishes as well. Maybe it will motivate the 12 year old to read them on his own.


I’ve been wanting to read the above book ever since I started my homeschooling career, back when Valor was 5. He’s 20 now, and I am finally reading it aloud to the littles and my 12 year old, when they do the breakfast dishes, to celebrate Washington’s birthday this month. I think it will add a lot to Venture’s Key of Liberty class (about the founding of America). It is full of stories of the different people, all around the world, who were doing important historical things when George Washington was a boy, a young man, the general of the Revolutionary War, and then as president. The author wrote it in order to hlep her understand the interconnectedness of people, places, and dates in history. It’s not really a picture book either, but it does have pictures by the author which are line drawings of the historical figures. I love her realistic style. It’s a lot easier to remember history when you hear it in story form, so we are enjoying it! The author also has similar books about Caesar, Columbus, Captain John Smith, William Penn, and Abraham Lincoln. It might take me the rest of my homeschooling career (my youngest is 4) to read them all but I am determined to do so!

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