Friday Night at the Movies: Gifted Hands- the Ben Carson Story


For this weekend at the movies, watch the Ben Carson story! You will be inspired by his story of Ben who overcame the odds as the son of a poor, uneducated single mom to be a pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University. He was literally “prepared for such a time as this,” when he used his bright mind, faith in God, and kind heart to help think of a surgical method to separate Siamese twins conjoined at the back of head. This is an amazing story of the power of a mom. Maybe it should be called, The Power of a Mom. It’s probably safe to say that Ben would not have turned out the way he did without the power of his mother. Even though she did not have much education, she knew what was right and good and expected her son to rise above his circumstances. She required him to and his brother to read a book regularly and write a report about it. She also greatly limited the amount of TV her boys got to watch. Watch this and get inspired about what to ask of your kids on a regular basis!

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