Help for Homemakers: Daryl Hoole

Today I am spotlighting a legend in the Mormon women world: Daryl Hoole. I have a lot of her books that I have happily picked up from thrift stores: The Joy of Homemaking, the Art of Homemaking, and the Art of Teaching Children, among others. I checked out some cassette tapes of one of her seminars years ago when I was a young mother from the Orem Public Library. Listening to those tapes over and over as I went through the day with my little baby boy, my oldest, really lifted my spirits and made me catch the vision of how important the roles of a woman are as a wife, mother, and homemaker. I feel like she’s a close friend, even though though the closest we’ve come to meeting is that I once lived in the same ward as her mother, and then a few years later I heard her speak at Education Week at BYU years ago.

She is a treasure trove of homemaking wisdom. So if you want your home to look like this:

or this:

(and no, this isn’t my house, it’s my friend’s, and I aspire to have a home this lovely) and you are ready to learn and devote time to organizing, then dig in! Here is her website page full of free articles, right here.

You can get a copy of her ebook, The Art of Homemaking, right here. This is one of her first book, formatted into a digital copy.

Her newest book, pictured below, can be ordered here, and then scroll down the page to order an mp3 download of her speaking. If you order them as a bundle you can get a discount.

The Ultimate Career

Last, but not least, here is the transcript of the speech she gave at BYU in Nov. 2012 when she was honored an Honorary Alumni Award. It’s all about how to raise self-reliant kids. 

Happy homemaking!

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