Picture Book Monday: Books for St. Patrick’s Day!


This is one of the best picture books I’ve ever read! It’s Fiona’s Luck, a fun picture book with an Irish theme, by author Teresa Bateman. It is a darling story about a girl who outwits a king who is trying to horde the leprechauns’ luck. Teresa is a children’s librarian turned author. She grew up in a big family and loved to read and tell stories. She went to BYU-Idaho and BYU-Provo. I love people who can write stories that have me wondering at the turn of every page, how it’s going to turn out.  Here are some of her other books…


This one is about a leprechaun who lives in peace and quiet, until a noisy neighbor builds a home above his underground home. How will they live together in peace?


This is a cute one about a minstrel who must win a pot of gold to win a girl’s heart. I don’t like the pictures or the story as much as Fiona’s Luck, but it’s still good.

Harp O' Gold: An Original Tale: Teresa Bateman, Jill Weber: 9780823415236: Amazon.com: Books ...


I haven’t read this one yet, but it looks good simply because it has one of my favorite illustrators, P.J. Lynch. I will be getting it this week to read to the littles for bedtime.


Below I have pictured more that I haven’t read yet but they look inviting.




The title of the one pictured just above is The Story of the Ireland. I couldn’t get the image bigger, sorry. It is full of jokes, stories, and little tidbits of history about Ireland. Sounds fun!

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