Tuesday Tip for Homeschooling: Practice Persuasive Skills With a Simulation of a Lawsuit

Today’s tip for homeschooling is to simulate a lawsuit. You will learn a lot from doing this: logical thinking, persuasive skills, how to construct an argument, and the art of thinking on your feet. Your kids probably already think they know how to argue but this simulation will polish those skills! Every year, across the nation, youth get to do this very thing with the mock trial program. Junior high and senior high teams compete at a local level, with the top winning teams moving on to the state championship and then the state winners go to the national championship. If you have kids younger than age 12, you can practice with simple lawsuits drawn from fairy tales, written into scripts found here, just scroll down the page to the “Elementary Mock Trials.”

If you have older kids, consider checking out the National Mock Trial program, with your state’s corresponding web site. Since I am familiar with the Utah Mock Trial program, I will post a link to its web site right here.

If you are a homeschooler, you can form a team in your community with other homeschoolers. My son’s team, pictured above, just finished their first two matches and they are moving on to the next level. Yay! This is child #3 to be involved with the event. My two older kids did it and loved it too. The two older kids did it with their Statesmanship Club, and now child #3 belongs to a team made up of from his homeschool speech and debate class. Around our house, February is not the month of basketball, with the succeeding March madness, it’s the month for getting ready for mock trial with the March mock trail competitions. It’s a great program, because there is nothing like a simulation to get you thinking! Long live mock trials!

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