Wednesday’s Well Mama Word: Learn From the Duggars!


What if you don’t feel ready to have the Open Womb policy that the Duggars have? Perhaps you have medical or other conditions that make it so you can’t “run faster than you have strength” and have babies at a Duggar pace. Is there a natural alternative to the Pill? Yes, there is! The Creighton Method of Natural Family Planning is my favorite choice. With the Creighton Method, you only have to track one single sign of fertility. I like simple!

Thank you Duggars for alerting people about the dangers of the Pill, and thank you for sharing the good word about the blessings of children as God’s gift to us. 

Here is one of their latest videos as they appeared on Fox News this week to promote the Duggar girls’ new book, Growing Up Duggar.


Here is a video about these beautiful girls. They are a wonderful example of the power of family to create such amazing young women! Thank you for being such shining examples of virtue!

I’m pretty sure that Jessa is engaged and that they will announce it on the first show of the next season of the Duggars realty show 19 Kids and Counting. Notice how she is hiding her left hand? We will have to wait and see on April 1!

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