Online Simulation Class for Youth!

My 12 year old son is taking an online simulation class this spring from Tatiana Fallon through Leadership Education Academy. Here is Tatiana’s description:

Each week we will run a 45 minute to 1 hour simulation. Every simulation will have a different goal and challenge. We will be running simulations that range from learning diplomacy by working with new alien races to learning how to work under almost impossible situations as spies for the government. We will try to start a revolution and try to stop a mutiny on a pirate ship. After each simulation we will discuss what we learned about our own character, human nature and leadership.  The students will be asked to write a detailed personal debrief after each simulation helping them stretch and grow and learn the vital skill of self evaluation. I will also help the student learn how to create and run simulations, so that they can create and lead one with their peers.

You can register right here.

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