Healthy Snack Ideas!

Sorry about the hiatus in blogging! I am up to my ears in sewing costumes for my son’s Shakespeare play next week. It’s Merry Wives of Windsor set in colonial times! I am learning about fichus, mob caps, and more. I can hardly stand to stay away from the computer while I sew. The sewing machine is about two yards away. I keep feeling this magnetic pull to the Internet.

Somebody asked about healthy snack ideas. I couldn’t resist blogging about that. Ahh, it feels so good to be back at the keyboard!

I put the watermelon stars as my top picture just because they are cute but if you are like me, watermelon is not a complete satisfying snack. I need some protein and fat. Here is a great recipe for homemade beef jerky that fits the bill. It does take some time to make, because you have to slice the roast (best to do when slightly frozen), marinade it, and then dry it in your oven or dehydrator. The results are very worth it! Here is the recipe.

These orange creamsicles are very yummy and very good for you if you use raw milk (assuming you don’t have a dairy allergy) or coconut milk. Use ice cube trays to get the job done quick or popsicle molds to be fancy!

Here’a quick recipe to satisfy cravings for sweetness and fat. Just toast some coconut chips in a dry pan on medium heat. You can get those at a natural foods store and then sprinkle a bunch of sucanat.

Here are some different web sites I love with healthy, real food snack ideas:

These are Cara Fauss’ GAPS-friendly snack recipes.

Sarah Pope’s site has great real food snack and treat ideas, including grain free brownies and granola right here.

Last of all, I love these 21 snacks to go ideas here at Heather Dessinger’s Mommypotamus site. I love the homemade Larabars and the homemade fruit snacks, pictured above (I used pineapple juice)!  You don’t have to use any artificial food coloring with them. She always has such beautiful photos and delicious recipes! Enjoy!

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