To Heaven and Back, Family Vacation 2014

This may be what heaven looks like for some people. I certainly enjoyed our vacation at the beach last week. But here’s the real reason why our vacation felt like heaven:

Photo: 22 of the 25 Sudweeks grandchildren - missing the youngest (the baby was asleep) and Elder Hilton Shumway and Elder Devin R. Sudweeks (currently serving LDS missions). I'm so thankful to mom (Jo Shurtliff Sudweeks) and dad for giving us so many opportunities to be together. These cousins are all best friends. - with Ben Whetten, Juan Whetten, Wellesley Shumway, Charlotte Sudweeks Reeve Sudweeks, Taylor Powell Sudweeks, Sarah E Sudweeks, Adalyn Sudweeks, Emily Reynolds, Cryssy Whetten, Celestia Sudweeks Shumway, Ray Sudweeks, Jennifer Sudweeks, Sterling Sudweeks

That’s right, our family vacation was a family reunion with cousins galore! Thanks to my generous parents, every year my siblings and I get to head to a Marriott Vacation resort with our spouses and kids in tow. Mom and Dad pay for the lodging, and we all pay for the gas to get there and back and our food. This year’s destination was Newport Beach! My kids were in heaven with 23 of the grandchildren there. There is somebody to play with for every age. Here is more of what heaven looks like:

This was the first year that all the time-share units (each unit sleeps 8, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fully stocked kitchen, and laundry machines) were right in a row. It is heaven for a week! Each of us can just walk next door and have a cousin to play with or a sister, brother, or parent to yak it up. Each of the aunts/moms take a night cooking dinner too for the whole family. With a natural playground (the beach) and a temple close by what more could you ask for? I highly recommend this kind of family reunion! We’ve been doing it for 16 years now and the kids talk about it all year and can’t wait for the next time.

We usually go to the temple with the youth wherever we go. The Newport Beach temple is so lovely!

Thanks Mom and Dad! I hope I can do the same thing for my grandchildren!

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