NFP Awareness Week #2: NFP Gets Your Husband to Treat You Chivalrously


Here’s another great reason to practice NFP: it encourages your husband to treat you chivalrously!

I love this article written by Sarah Hammond. She says that her husband treated her like a gentleman before they got married. Now that they are married and practicing NFP, he is even more chivalrous! NFP has done the following for her husband and her marriage:

Now that we’re married, there’s an even more meaningful way that Daniel
has been able to be a gentleman for me. In our experience with Natural Family
Planning, I can tell you that I feel so respected and well cared-for by my husband
in a very big way. He would never treat my healthy body, working perfectly as
God designed it, as though it was diseased and in need of being “fixed” just to be
sexually more available to him at all times.

Join the revolution! Increase the love and communication in your marriage and the health of your body with NFP! Go to NFP and More to learn the general principles. Then go to Creighton Model of Fertility to learn the simplest way of tracking fertility using one signal.

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