How to Use a Girl Power Calendar

This fabulous video is by my beautiful and loving friend Karen who helped teach the Eternal Warriors class I took back in the summer of 2012. She sometimes brought my daughter home from the class on nights I didn’t go. She is such a wonderful woman. I have fun memories of her teaching the class. That was my first exposure to Eternal Warriors and I loved it so much I wanted to teach the class to other moms. So I got permission from the cocreator, Aneladee Milne, another beautlful and loving friend of mine, to teach the class to moms and I call it Mothers Who Know. (See tab above.) I am taking a break from teaching the class, but I will probably start another class in January. Karen does a wonderful job of explaining how to use the Girl Power calendar that goes along with the class. If you’ve taken the class before, this will be a great time to refresh yourself on the principles. If you haven’t taken the class, hopefully it will tantalize you to want to take it in January. Enjoy!

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