Girls’ Night Out with Sisters and Cousins

I am finally getting these pics up! Every time I went to do it over the past two months, the pictures turned out to be miniscule. I kept waiting for my techno-savvy son to get home from his mission to help me with it. Finally, the free moment came today to show him what was going, and whaddya’ know? The photos actually posted as he watched and I didn’t need his help after all. Is this what we call the Onlooker Phenomenon?

Last September we got to go to the General Women’s Meeting with my sisters, my mom, my nieces, and our newly-found cousins, Miss J. and her daughter, Miss L. I have known Miss J. for years in our homeschool community. It wasn’t until we got to talking at a friend’s breakfast part on Independence Day this past summer that we figured out we share a great-grandmother.

It is so fun to find cousins! Here are more pics of our fun night together.

These are my nieces and their “new” cousin, Miss L.

My mom, sisters, Miss J, and I. It was fun to swap stories about relatives. We will definitely be doing this again!

Cousins! There is something about getting together as cousins! I can’t wait to do this again! On the drive home I got to talk with Miss J and learn that she knows a lot about what I want to learn about, like Hebrew. I feel so blessed to know her as a cousin now.

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