Book Review by a Kid for Kids: Robin Hood, retold by Michael Morpugo

My 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter recently read this book, Robin Hood, retold by Michael Morpugo. This is what my daughter has to say about it:

“In this book, a boy is at a house and a windstorm happens. He runs out to see if his tree was not knocked down. When he went out there he saw that it was and then he found an arrowhead. He finds a bow and a skeleton.

Then a person is dreaming about the same thing. This person is Robin Hood. Robin’s father wakes him up. Then Robin and his dad go hunting. They kill a deer. They hear the sheriff of Nottingham’s men. Robin runs away but his dad got captured. After Robin runs away, he finds a cave and hears a voice. He sees that the voice belongs to an albino dressed in Lincoln green. The albino tells him her name is Maria. Then she leads him to some other people who are outcasts. They are hunchbacks and leopards and dwarves. Then they go to sleep. 

In the morning, Robin goes to rescue his dad. He ends up finding his dad. The conflict of the story is to get the outcasts’ freedom back. That’s because there was a law passed that said that the outcasts had to stay outside the city gates. Robin decided that he would train the outcasts. He met a man named Munch who would help make the swords because he was a blacksmith. 

The conflict is resolved when the outcasts pay King Richard’s ransom. I liked the book.”

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